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A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. (Oscar Wilde)






Very uncomfortable in her own skin, she took
A knife and carved out the parts that made her sick.
Never did she stop until every inch was covered with
Inscriptions and words full of so much meaning.
She cut and dug deep with each new wound into
Herself, until she was gone.
I'm falling weary,
my heart's content no longer there.
I'm ill with illusions of the past,
sickened without your presence.
I dote on fond thoughts of us,
and how we were so perfect.
Your heart an even more battered version of mine,
but still beautiful in all its worth.
I'd pay a  fortune to own what we had,
and have it framed above my mirror.
I don't ever want to forget you,
and so I sit in the corner and collect dust
along with our shattered memories.
I figured as much, you wouldn't want me.
I guessed it all along, that this wasn't meant to be.
You said your goodbyes, through the slamming of the door.
And I still can't figure out why, why my heart is lying on the floor.
Drive me mad
And haunt me
so I can't forget you
when I fall asleep

And paint my lids
with your face
so I shall wake
with your dear image

I would hate to miss you
more than I already do
and would love to keep
you here forever with me



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United States
"Hidden behind beauty and sweet innocence. I'll steal your heart away, then watch, I'll break it."


My starry skies have faded,
my moon's no where to show,
I sing a tune of sorrow,
for my fly has lost its glow.

My nature's lost its beauty,
my smile is now a smirk,
I sing a tune of solitude,
for my birds have lost their chirp,

My angel's lost its wings,
my harp has bit the dust,
I sing a tune of heartbreak,
for she's the goddess of lust.

~by ethan levesque <3



As I wander, cold and in solitude,
I feel as if I'm not completely on my own.
I look and see a deity in the heavens,
Making her godly, unparalleled beauty known.

I realize now that she was always there,
Observing me, keeping me free from strife.
Even when things seemed almost hopeless,
And Death kept me under his black scythe.

Now aware of the goddess watching me,
I feel shielded from the demon I've become.
For the ones that care about me, I will go on,
As I pick up the pieces from my past now undone.


by my good friend alex(: check him out hes amazing<33 thespartandrifter444.deviantar…

Current Residence: MA
Favourite genre of music: all types!
Favourite style of art: using oil pastels and regular pencil shading
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Personal Quote: "Don't worry, when I kiss you, the sun will go down." -Riley from Buffy the Vampire s
...still follow me on here. Thanks! I really do appreciate knowing that my art still lives on when I'm currently slacking with existing on here. I also would like to thank everyone who has added a bunch of my older/newer stuff to their faves! There are sooo many messages right now to go through though, so getting a thanks out to everyone is a bit tough, but here's my shout out to you- THANK YOU! I really do miss being on here, but the college/work life gets to be a little hectic most of the time and I barely even have time now to think, let alone write or draw. Sad face. Anyways, I hope all is well in the lives of my friends who still do stuff on here and I'm sure I'll be back soon to keep up with the masses. I love the overall support of this community and I wouldn't want it any other way. Have an awesome fall you guys, hopefully I'll be back on here before winter starts up!

Roxy <3 
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